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Angela-C"My name is Angela. I have been having severe headaches and neck pain for years. I have tried other chiropractors however Dr. Schutt is the best. He is the only one who took X-rays and found out what was causing my problems. I am now much more comfortable exercising and working. It felt good to meet a chiropractor that really cared about my health!"

- Angela C.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Shane"Prior to being referred to Dr. Schutt, I was having severe chest pain that a medical doctor told me could not be treated and I would have to live with it the rest of my life.  Thanks to chiropractic my chest pain is completely gone.  I also no longer have headaches, I'm sleeping much better and waking up energized!  Every time I come into the office it is a positive experience!"

- Shane S.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Mark"Before coming to see Dr. Schutt I had terrible stabbing pains in my leg, poor sleep and restricted movement.  It was found that my pelvis was twisted and my spine off center.  Since beginning care my pain has completely gone away.  Now I can continue with my household projects, my range of motion has improved along with my overall comfort level!"

- Mark C.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Maurice"I've been to six orthopedic surgeons. Each time they took x-rays and gave me cortisone shots. It didn't help. My pain (or spine) make me walk lop-sided. I was in constant pain in the right hip. I went to Dr. Schutt. He started with treatments and began to correct my problem. People noticed an improvement in my walking. I played golf again after a hiatus almost two years. I can recommend Dr. Schutt without reservation. He will tell you if he cannot help you. He has truly helped me. My pain is not completely gone yet, but is GREATLY alleviated."

- Maurice B. (P.S. I am almost 85 years old)

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Sandra"My name is Sandra and I have a family with two children. So, my life is very busy to say the least. My back has bothered me for some time now but since I have seen Dr. Schutt I have been MUCH better! I am not hurting anymore and am much happier as a mother and wife. I am very pleased with the results! Thank you Dr. Schutt."

- Sandra L.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Mercedes"Thank you so much! The first time I stepped into your office, my back and upper shoulders were in so much pain. I was hoping to get a quick fix that day. The following day I was very impressed with the way everything was explained to me in great detail in terms I could understand. It has been a little over two months and I feel great…not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well! Thank you for caring and sharing your tips on getting healthy. I will continue to recommend you to all my friends and family!"

- Mercedes D.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Mary"After a strenuous camping trip I developed sciatica in my left leg. I went to my physician and he recommended physical therapy. Therapy helped but did not cure the problem. The very first visit with Dr. Schutt eliminated the shooting pain in my leg and I have been feeling progressively better with the subsequent visits."

-Mary N.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Patrick"Being no stranger to the benefits of chiropractic care, I had spinal surgeries and let myself go hoping my body would get better on its own. I live in rural Arizona so I tried my local chiropractor - 8 visits, no results. He told me he couldn't help me goodbye. I called the office of Dr. Erik C. Schutt and I had a consultation visit and x-rays. I have 2 herniated discs plus some damage at the top of my neck. The first treatment did some good, but on the second treatment I had a lot of relief. Although I have to drive ONE HUNDRED MILES (ONE WAY), the results and pain levels have made it worth while. If you have back or spinal problems, I would recommend Dr. Schutt without question."

- Patrick B.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Jenet"When I first came to Extreme Health Chiropractic I was in so much pain and I could barely walk without wincing and honestly I did not care who fixed it, I just wanted the pain to go away so I could take care of my 3 month old son. I do believe we meet people for a reason and fate once again let me to the best place for my health. Dr. Schutt took a personal interest in my health and life. Within a few weeks the wincing was gone and now that I am towards the end of my initial care I can move more freely and comfortably with no fear of pain. The honesty, integrity and genuine sincerity is difficult to find in this world and to find it in a health practitioner is a true gift. Thank you Extreme Health Chiropractic!!"

- Jenet B.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Patty"I am 39 years old. I have always had real bad menstrual pains, back pain, extremely painful cramping and a lot of other symptoms. My daughter had similar problems. We were both very moody that time of the month. We both started seeing Dr. Schutt about a month ago. Since then there has been a dramatic change in our cycles. No more back pain or cramping. Our moods have improved also! What a blessing thanks to Dr. Schutt. Our experience has been very positive, energetic and sincere all around. This place is a Godsend."

- Patty T.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Mike"As a result of my chiropractic care I have seen extensive gains in flexibility, strength and coordination in my golf swing. Since I am currently aspiring to play golf professionally, I feel the single most important aspect of developing my game is overall physical health. I am a steadfast believer that chiropractic care is the cornerstone of my golf game and my overall health. The proof is in my scores! Recently I posted a career low 65, a seven under par total. There is no doubt this is due to the improved balance, coordination and flexibility I have achieved with the care from Dr. Schutt. Not to mention the improved sleep, mental endurance, and overall sense of well being that chiropractic brings to me. I could not imagine my life with out the benefits I enjoy from weekly adjustments, which without a doubt are responsible in a large part, if not entirely, for my increased quality of life. I'm always excited to come to Extreme Health Chiropractic! The staff is cordial, accommodating and sincere."

- Mike R.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Jeff"My chiropractic treatment got rid of pain that made deep breathing difficult and limited my mobility. The pain was gone after 2 treatments. As I continued, my entire body felt more relaxed and healthy. Even my digestive system has improved. The staff is relaxed and upbeat. Great vibe in the office!"

- Jeff H.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Jack"When I first started coming to Extreme Health Chiropractic, my body alignment was so off, it was hard to do anything. It hurt to walk, run, exercise or stand for long periods of time. Thanks to the wonderful treatment that Dr. Schutt and his office has provided, I am now able to do all of those things and more. I now am able to live life to its fullest! Thanks! Dr. Schutt is honest, sincere and professional. He really takes an interest in his patients. I would recommend Extreme Health Chiropractic to anyone."

- Jack J.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Andy"I had just spent on of the most pain-filled weeks of my life with my back and leg hurting so much I could only walk about 100 feet before stopping from the pain. After 2 weeks of seeing Dr. Schutt, most of the pain had subsided. I am continuing to improve and getting closer to being pain free. Thank you to the entire staff for being so friendly and supportive! It has been a great experience!"

- Andy P.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Lorna"I feel I have come a long way from being in so much pain to hardly any pain. I can dance again, walk and stand for longer than 30 seconds now. I thank you for that! I am also sleeping better. I feel much better mentally and physically. I find your office to be friendly, efficient and very pleasant."

- Lorna S.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Dean"My range of motion in my neck has greatly improved. My feet no longer go numb when I walk. No amount of medication could have done what you have! Your office is very sincere, positive and the energy rubs off. Dr. Schutt and his staff are friendly, easy to talk to and makes me feel special. Thank you."

- Dean D.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Christina"Since I started my chiropractic care my neck and back pain have decreased greatly. My posture has really improved and my sleepless nights tossing and turning are no longer an issue. The staff has made me feel comfortable and at ease since day one. They've always been willing to answer any questions or concerns that I may have with a positive attitude."

- Christina H.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Jay"Dr. Schutt is a great doctor, blending chiropractic care with exercise to help his patients reach maximum health goals. I suffered a back injury from an auto accident and in 3 months I was feeling healthy again and making great progress back to my optimum health. Dr. Schutt's communications regarding diagnosis and care is open and honest. The office staff is encouraging and professional in helping patients set and track their goals. Greetings and interaction is warm and inviting."

- Jay H.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Kathy"I had pain in my leg and could not turn my neck very far in any direction. After receiving treatments, my range of motion is so much greater and the pain in my leg is gone, my posture has improved and I feel much better all over. Treatments work!"

- Kathy C.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Diane"I had been having severe sciatica problems for several months but that has disappeared within the first 2 weeks of treatment which makes sleeping, sitting and standing much easier and all without pain! I was very impressed with the office and Dr. Schutt the first day I walked into the office."

- Diane A.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Rhoda"Dr. Schutt has been truly a blessing to me. I was in great pain with sciatica down both legs. After the third adjustment the pain was gone! Everyone is wonderful and the office is a very friendly place."

- Rhoda M.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Debbie"When I first came in, my neck hurt and made noise every time I turned my head. I had horrible headaches! Now, the popping noise and the pain has almost completely stopped and I very rarely have a headache. Also the pain across my shoulders is pretty much gone. I love the staff here! They made it very comfy for me from the first visit."

- Debbie B.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Jody"I came in with chronic headaches. Since sticking with my chiropractic regime, my headaches have gone away and stayed gone and I feel great! Dr. Schutt is the epitome of positive, energetic and sincere. The care is very individualized."

- Jody J.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Mark"I had been to an orthopedic surgeon about y lower back pain and had an MRI but he was unable to find or fix my problem. After a few weeks seeing Dr. Schutt I am feeling much less pain and I can sleep through the night and wake up pain free!"

- Mark W.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Jerry"I was heading toward future problems like back surgery because my hip and spine were far out of alignment. Now, my spine is much healthier. I am a firm believer in chiropractic, especially the ongoing maintenance. This office is so unlike the usual medical practice. We are treated with friendly, caring respect. I especially appreciate being considered an individual instead of part of an assembly line. Mainly they care about our wellness!"

- Jerry R.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Kris"My headaches and back pain have been relieved!"

- Kris M.



Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Stacy"When I first came in I was having severe neck pain. I could barely turn my neck in either direction and I had low back pain. Now I am able to turn neck farther in both directions and low back pinching and pain has lessened greatly! The staff has helped speed up my recovery!"

- Stacy K.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Doug"I can walk better and I feel much better. I have more range of motion, I feel stronger, more alert, more relaxed. It is easier to sleep, breathe, walk, sit, stand, drive and exercise!"

- Doug H.


Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Jacob"Before the care I have received, the pain of just getting out of bed was extremely severe. Now I have little to no pain. I have even begun working out again pain free! The staff is very friendly and fun to be around."

- Jacob G.

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Office Testimonial Peggy"Before coming to see Dr. Schutt I was experiencing constant hip pain and frequent headaches. I had also been neglecting getting routine chiropractic adjustments. With my treatment here along with Dr. Schutt's gentle reminders to not let my spinal problems get worse and come in regularly, my pain and headaches are virtually gone! Dr. Schutt and staff and both friendly, caring and highly professional!"

- Peggy D.

"Chiropractic care has helped me feel better on many levels. When I first came I had neck and shoulder pain that radiated down my arm to my hand and fingers. I had constant back pain as well as congestion and allergies. Today I don't have pain in my neck, shoulder, arm or hand. I have less congestion and my allergies are a lot better. My back pain is improving. I'm able to get around more. I am also able to sleep better thanks to Chiropractic! Dr. Schutt and his staff goes beyond their jobs to make me feel comfortable. They have a positive and sincere attitude!"

- Ramona C.

"Over the past several months I have suffered from horrible migraines to where I was going to several doctors to find out why I was having them but they had no idea. I really was not ready to give up so I decided to ask my chiropractor. Dr. Schutt, with his exceptional bedside manner, took the time to hear what was going on with me and he discovered the cause of my headaches after he took an x ray. Within a couple of visits I have almost overcome my migraines. I really was not expecting to have a big improvement in my condition so fast. It is a really big relief at work and at home and I can focus more now."

- Kaelynn N.

"My hip was out and I had one leg 1.5" shorter than the other. Bowels were not working right. After 4 adjustments I can walk better, bowels much better and not in as much pain. Dr. Schutt is a very good and pleasant gentleman, very caring and accommodating."

- Barbera B.

"I had surgery in late 1998 to fuse ruptured C5-C7. After close to 10 years I started having issues with extreme discomfort and pain and was really unsure what my options were. A friend told me about you and I could not be happier with my results! Thank you! As a result of the seriousness of my previous surgery I was very apprehensive...the entire staff was very helpful and sensitive to my concerns."

- Bruce R.

"After adjustment I don't feel any pain in my right elbow or my right knee!"

- Frank C.

"I am feeling much better since I started. I know you all are giving your best and I appreciate it. Everyone has been so great, very positive and helpful so that I understand my body."

- Audrey B.

"Thank you for helping me walk and move pain free! I can now get up from being seated and not have to worry about the pain slowing me down. My visits to Dr. Schutt are always an uplifting experience. Good People!"

- John C.

"I suffered from low back pain for over three years and tried other doctors, treatments and medications before coming to Dr. Schutt. My back problem is now completely gone. I find I can now exercise regularly, and I wake up in the morning without pain."

- Shannon S.

"The care that I have received has been great! My progress has been accelerated due to the doctor's vast knowledge and new techniques that he has brought to the office. The positive and sincere attitude has been a factor in my attitude to reach my goals."

- Gary W.

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“My neck and back pain are gone! Now I am strengthening the changes that Dr. Schutt has made for me. Great staff!”

- Barb G.

“It felt good to meet a chiropractor that really cared about my health!”

- Angela C.

“Although I have to drive ONE HUNDRED MILES (ONE WAY), the results and pain levels have made it worth while. If you have back or spinal problems, I would recommend Dr. Schutt without question.”

- Patrick B.

“The honesty, integrity and genuine sincerity is difficult to find in this world and to find it in a health practitioner is a true gift. Thank you Extreme Health Chiropractic!!”

- Jenet B.

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